The last day I'll ship for Christmas and the rush of the holiday season will be  Dec 14th. The two following weeks are both holiday weeks and I cannot guarantee shipment and will be on our little vacation after a very busy ending of 2021. Shipments will resume Jan 3rd 2022. 

All orders will be shipped on Mondays or Tuesdays via USPS or FedEx depending on area code. Prices have skyrocketed for shipping and product BUT I'm keeping product pricing competitive. A flat rate of $23 will ship all orders unless there are special circumstances. Delivery notifications will be sent using information you provide at checkout. If a holiday falls within the week the order will ship the following week. 

 Shipping costs are rising. Think about ordering a few packs of product. Keep in mind our salmon is shelf stable for 9 months unopened in a refrigerated state. 

CONTACT us for orders larger than 10.5 Lbs