Land O Lakes, a Minnesota based Co-Op, has been in the business since 1921. Over the years Steve has perfected the method of “Hot” smoking three types of their cheddar blends. The term “Hot” refers to temperature (heat), not spice. Thats right, hot smoked cheese, not cold smoked. Trust me, it's a fine line between getting the temp right and melting a few bars. After the cheese arrives at my smokehouse it's hand cut into approximately ¼ pound bars which allows the smoke to penetrate through and through for a optimum smokey flavor savored in every bite. 

DISCLAIMER: All of Steve’s smoked products are hand cut. I’ll personally weigh your order to ensure the product meets or exceeds your expectation.

All orders are shipped USPS Priority mail on Mondays to ensure a weekday delivery.

$100 Minimum purchase required for free local delivery within 20 miles. 

No minimum purchase required for pick up only. Call after ordering to arrange a time.