I order and purchase certified FRESH, NEVER frozen, farmed raised Atlantic salmon. These fish are raised in the waters off the coast of British Columbia at the mouth of the Campbell River.

After it’s brought to our facility each fillet is further inspected and cut into individual pieces. The pieces are then dredged in a dry rub made from a blend of spices that Steve perfected many years ago. It’s refrigerated overnight, rinsed the following morning, dried to form the most important pellicle, and then smoked using a proprietary blend of hardwood chips in our Western Cedar Smokehouse.

The moisture content, low sodium, and perfect taste makes our award winning smoked salmon the Best in the Northwest.

DISCLAIMER: All of Steve’s smoked products are hand cut. I’ll personally weigh your order to ensure the product meets or exceeds your expectation.

All orders ship USPS Priority mail on mondays to ensure a weekday delivery.

$100 Minimum purchase required for free local delivery within 20 miles.

No minimum purchase required for pick up only. Call after ordering to arrange a time.